Apart Hotel

2019 | Sesimbra

The proposal is developed in a plot located in the center of Vila de Sesimbra and is limited to the North by a housing block and by Social Security, to the East by Rua da Cruz, to the South by townhouses and by Largo Eusébio Leão and West by Amélia Frade Street.
This proposal aims to consolidate the urban fabric in a fractured point in the village, through the implementation of a mixed-use building, which will finish off the entire environment, solving the various problems that this land causes in the current model of urban consolidation.
The plot, due to its topographical features and its insertion in the urban environment, enhances and justifies the construction of an architecture removed from the banal character that the surroundings acquired over time. In the proposal for the location, the new architecture will be more related to the plot by the decomposition of the blocks in plans that accompany the sinuosity and the slope of the natural plot, taking advantage of the visual relations that are decisive for the quality of life of future residents, in which the term “Altavista” refers us exactly to the confrontation of landscapes that most distinguishes Sesimbra from the other villages south of the Portugal: The sea and the mountains; the castle and the city; tradition and contemporaneity; the slope and the flatness and finally the light and the shadow.

In terms of spaces for public use, the creation of a new “Rossio” is foreseen, present in most Portuguese towns and cities. In Sesimbra, the absence of a “Rossio” implies that the city always faces the sea, further congesting the narrow streets that develop along the coastline.


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